UpM Conference :::: Objectives

Space for the Mediterranean

Under the patronage of the President of the French Republic

Friday 11 June 2010

 CNES    UpM


  • Bernard RIBIOLLET (Mission UpM, Elysée), France
  • Eric LUVISUTTO (CNES), France

 Program Committee

Julien AUBERT (Mission UpM)
Julia JORDAN (Mission UpM)
Murielle LAFAYE (CNES)
Antoine-Tristan MOCILNIKAR (Mission UpM)
Yannick PROST (Mission UpM)


The Union for the Mediterranean (UfM), officially launched at the Paris Summit for the Mediterranean on 13 July 2008, groups together 43 countries from the European Union and around the Mediterranean.
The Union aims to reinforce cohesion between the peoples concerned, based on specific projects, with a view to reducing the disparities in development on either side of the Mediterranean by facilitating initiatives to meet the needs of the various populations. Major projects have already been launched in several topics (energy, water, the environment, transport etc.).
For this purpose, space can provide valuable services addressing the needs of UfM countries and could be used to achieve numerous projects (the protection of civilian populations, epidemiological surveillance, etc.).
The UfM conference, ‘Space for the Mediterranean’, will aim to identify potential contributions of space technologies for setting up practical projects in the specified fields.
The round tables will be an opportunity for participants to discuss the potential offered by space technologies to the countries of the Mediterranean Rim, based on real cases.
The One-Day Meeting is intended to consolidate existing projects and clear the way for new ones, to offer suitable responses to the issues facing the UfM and to help develop and promote initiatives and projects.
A summary of the proceedings will provide a roadmap for each of the themes discussed and also an opportunity to develop fruitful collaboration and partnerships between players from the different countries of the Mediterranean Rim.



5 one-hour plenary sessions, on the following themes:

  • Monitoring of the environment and surveillance of maritime activities
  • ICT (Information and Communication Technologies)
  • Risks, Disaster management and mitigation
  • Water management
  • Health

 Working languages

Working languages will be French. A simultaneous translation with English will be proposed during this conference.



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