Special Guest of the Toulouse Space Show 2016 : India

visuel_tss2016The Toulouse Space Show (TSS) is a major global forum dedicated to the progress in space infrastructure, technologies and applications. It gathers about 2000 participants from many European and International countries around plenary sessions based on high level keynotes, round tables, exhibitions and demonstrations.


The Round Tables of Toulouse Space Show 2016 will especially address international cooperation issues, the geospatial intelligence, the innovation and disruption approaches, as well as the links between space applications and the digital economy.

Ideally located in Southern France between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, Toulouse and its region have become the undisputed leaders in Europe for the design and production of space systems: the focal point of unique industrial, educational and research expertise covering the whole value chain, from space infrastructures and data processing to applications. Resolutely modern, yet proud of the legacy of its past, Toulouse incomparable "art de vivre", coupled with the wealth of its cultural heritage, is bound to draw you in.

Complimentary registration is now open. Join us to attend this world-class exhibition, to enhance your understanding of the space sector, and to take advantage of the outstanding networking opportunities. The TSS will also stage multiple associated events : startup village, women in AeroSpace, technology transfer hackathon… that will intensify the value of your attendance.

  Round tables & Keynotes
  A public event
  Associated Events

International cooperations and capacity building

Geo-intelligence: closing the gap between Space and professional sectors

Connected World & Connecting Space: benefits & opportunities

A Whirlwind of Innovation in Space

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Go ahead and explore Space!

Space enthusiasts,
students and interested
amateurs are all welcome!

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1 – Open conference: Best success of technology transfer Officers from spatial agencies (NASA, ESA, JAXA, DLR, CNES,…)

2 – French semi-final and final of ActInSpace

3 – International semi-final and final of ActInSpace

4 – Conference for the Space Agency Technology Transfer Officer

5 – EUROCAE WG-62 Meeting 41

6 – Cooperation with India

7 – Vers une nouvelle dynamique pour le marché des nanosatellites

8 – eKnot

9 – Atelier PME : quelles opportunités à l'export ?

10 – « NetSat » Day, satcom technical workshop on network and access

11 – Women in Aerospace Europe Toulouse – Get together with Claudie Haigneré

12 – L’Observation de la Terre en Afrique, enjeu de développement 

13 – Galileo and EGNOS: Key advantages for ITS applications provided by the European Navigation Systems. Tutorial for ITS developers

14 – SME4SPACE General Assembly


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TSS 2014

1,800 Participants – 40 Countries – 100 Exhibitors – 2,000 B2B meetings


Why Toulouse?

Toulouse and its region are also European leaders for the design and production of space systems and space applications, accounting for the highest number of jobs (making a workforce of 12,000 people) in Europe (this represents half of the number of French jobs in the sector and a quarter of European jobs in the sector). Moreover, Toulouse and its region cover all of the space research and industry professions: CNES, world renowned laboratories employing more than 1000 researchers, 2 major prime contractors for orbital systems, manufacturers in all sectors (satellite telecommunications, Earth observation, space-based altimetry, remote-sensing, data collection, location and navigation) and a multitude of SMEs.

Toulouse is also a world leader in civil aeronautics with 700 companies and 66,000 jobs in the sector. Currently the headquarters of three aircraft manufacturers are located in the region, Airbus, ATR and Daher-Socata.


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