Special Guest of the Toulouse Space Show 2016 : India

Wednesday 29 June – Foyer St Exupéry

Business oriented presentations on space industries and space applications – Open to all participants.

Join us to know more about these companies and their activities!

Contact: MFrancois@advbe.com


10:15 >> 10:45


From Auto to Space – How Automotive eco-system can support constellation satellite break through

Automotive electronics industry developed during the last 40 years a worldwide high-tech, high-volume, high quality and affordable eco system.
The satellite industry is on the way to define "new space" with large constellation. This disruptive concep is a major breakthrough in the design and production of large numbers of satellites with smaller size and lower duration life.
To reach the best cost with zero defect , automotive electronics develop best practices :

  • Quality of automotive electronic components data base
  • Statistical process control of all assembly steps
  • Mechatronic integration of electronic
  • Robust test engineering
  • Affordable precise mechanical parts

Synergies between automotive and space are more than welcome.
Let’s explore during this workshop some of low hanging fruits Continental Engineering Services can provide with its new aerospace segment.

Jean-Luc MATE, Vice President Strategy & Technology

10:50 >> 11:20


Emergency mapping with long-range UAV for the European Commission (Copernicus Programme)

DT18 and multispectral sensor DT-4Bands have been used for a mission consisting in covering 10 km² with 3 UAV flights (7364 RGB / NIR images, 16 GCP, 8 cm RMS error).
Copernicus is a European programme monitoring the Earth. Delair -Tech is the UAV Company that has been officially selected by the European Commission for a four-year pilot project to assess the potential role of unmanned aerial platforms in emergency situations. The mine of Acquaresi is one of the most important sites in Sardinia. With the closure of the mine 10 years ago, following the gradual raising the water to the height +90 m above sea level, there was a sudden flooding of the mine voids, with an intensification of instability phenomena. The mine of Acquaresi is one of the most important sites in Sardinia. With the closure of the mine 10 years ago, following the gradual raising the water to the height +90 m above sea level, there was a sudden flooding of the mine voids, with an intensification of instability phenomena. This, caused various phenomena of collapse, often observed at the surface with the appearance of openings and extensive fractures along the main areas. The area is considered very dangerous and not easily accessible. The UAV flight is an ideal solution to survey the area every 3 months without putting surveyors at risk.
Delair Tech DT18 UAV is the most advance solution for the most demanding and critical mission. The European Commission selected Delair Tech to demonstrate the potential role of unmanned aerial platforms as a complementary source to post-event satellite imagery in emergency situations that require very high spatial resolution.

Bastien MANCINI, Founder at Delair-Tech

11:25 >> 11:55


Urban Planning: benefits and challenges of geospatial data and analytics

Analyse the evolution of a large city, identify, follow and extract changes: Airbus Defence and Space and Harris Geospatial will give you all the keys to better understand your project, select the right data and analyse it to fit your needs. During this workshop, we will discuss the following topics, taking the Toulouse area as an example:

– Extract and follow the evolution of urban development
– Identify changes at different scales
– Extraction and 3D analysis from satellite images
– Improved sharing and dissemination of information with online analytics

Mark Jacquin, Custom Solutions Consultant
David Golden, 3D Optical and Institutional Products Manager

12:00 >> 12:30


Belgian Expertise for the Space Value Chain

The Belgian aerospace cluster “Skywin Wallonie” is a group of companies, training centers and research units engaged in public and private partnership and building synergies around common and innovative projects in the Walloon region of Belgium. (130 members). You will have the opportunity to meet 7 of them (elevator pitch) during the Business Workshop:

  1. CSL (Liège Space Center): Space qualification, Optical design & metrology,  EO (SAR), Surface Process, Material NDT, Embedded hardware and software in severe environments, Cryogenics and thermal engineering    
  2. DELTATEC:Development of flight models performing image acquisition and processing for earth and sun observation
  3. GALAXIA:ESA BIC Wallonie Redu is hosted in the Galaxia Business Park (Transinne). It supports start-up companies in their creation and development through a wide range of services
  4. OPEN ENGINEERING:Multi-physics simulation software & engineering services        
  5. OSCARS:Airport management application / geolocalisation
  6. SAFRAN Aerospace Booster:SAFRAN AERO BOOSTERS is the European leader for the design and manufacture of valves and flow regulation equipment for liquid propulsion of space launchers. 
  7. nSILITION: nSilition is a leading company  to  design and produce high reliability, fault tolerant, and radiation hardened ICs and electronic systems

Michel STASSART – Deputy Managing Director for Space Activities

14:00 >> 14:30


Space grows in the UK

The Space Sector is continuing to grow in the UK at a very fast rate, at around 8%.  It is now worth around £12bn annually and predicted to grow to above £40bn by 2030.
Industry, academia and the UK’s Government have been working closely together since 2009 when they published the Space Innovation and Growth Strategy; this has been adopted and updated by successive political administrations and in 2016 the sector is seen as one of the industrial growth stars.
Come and hear about why the UK should be your country of choice when considering a start-up activity, international expansion, or sector diversification.  Also where to get assistance to set-up and locate in the UK.
Hear about two recent experiences of starting and growing in the UK with 1) Open Cosmos Ltd, and 2) Critical Software Ltd.

Terry COXALL, Space Specialist with the Innovation Gateway at UKTI

Open Cosmos Ltd. provides simple and affordable space access. We enable rapid payload development and deployment allowing businesses, research institutions and organizations from across industries to use space technology as a tool, overcoming the three major space access barriers: technology, paper work and cost.
We offer our customers a one-stop-shop combination of hardware, software and services that allows them to focus on the data generated from their in-orbit payloads while grouping with others to benefit from economies of scale.

Rafel Jorda Siquier, Founder & CEO at Open Cosmos Ltd

CRITICAL Software established has been producing high-integrity software solutions and developing customised systems, since 1998. It has established itself as a reliable, proactive and cost-effective partner for customers seeking innovative solutions for their most demanding challenges. CRITICAL Software provides a wide range of software services particularly for embedded and safety critical systems.

Bruno Jorge Carvalho, Business Development Director at CRITICAL Software

14:35 >> 15:05


ATMOSPHERE provides real-time collaborative flight mission management service for global airborne operations (PLANET Service)

ATMOSPHERE's PLANET service leverages airborne operations efficiency by smart combination of satellite navigation, satellite communication and satellite observation data integration. The presentation will introduce the solution and its main use cases, provide return on experience from actual worldwide operations, and unveil future improvements.

Jean-Marc GAUBERT, Directeur

15:10 >> 15:40


New trends, challenges and opportunites for the space sector

At the crossroads of governance, business and technology changes, the Space sector is challenged at each level of the value chain. Space traditional players have to face the recent emergence of innovative business models and projects. The creation of new industrial set-ups, regulatory frameworks and the growing involvement of new space actors are pushing stakeholders to consider different growth opportunities. Space players have to re-think their business strategy to integrate "end-to-end service", "design-to-cost" approaches and "good-enough" risk acceptance models. Govnerments are rethinking the traditional way they manage and procure space systems while new private investors bring an innovative view on space infrastructures. PwC will present its global view of some key trends, challenges and opportunities for a space sector that will have to evolve in the next decade.

Alexandre DUFLOS

15:45 >> 16:15

ViaSat and The High Capacity Satellite Applications Factory

Helping businesses to seize the opportunities from developments in communication satellites

ViaSat Inc., the global broadband services and technology company, will introduce the High Capacity Satellite Applications Factory Initiative at the Business Workshop. ViaSat will present new developments in communication satellites that offer opportunities for the wider application of satellite broadband. Developments in communication satellites offer unprecedented capacity, increasing coverage and reducing costs, growing the business applications using HCS.

We invite interested industry, start-ups and academia to discover how to fund new products, applications and services that can contribute to or benefit from advances in HCS systems. The HCS App Factory is a multi-million euro project involving the European Space Agency with a central aim to reduce the time to market for new HCS ideas by giving access to funding through a simplified and shortened funding application process.

More details are available on the online portal https://thespacehub.com/

Carlene Lyttle

16:20 >> 16:50

Paving the way for very high throughput satellites

French Technology – What you need on ground to reach very high speed by satellite

Telecommunication satellite systems have entered a new era with the deployment of a new generation of high throughput satellites (HTS) dedicated to broadband and broadcast services. This new generation of satellites is based on innovative on-board technologies, mainly in Ka band, but also on new standards (DVB-S2x / DVB-RCS2) and new ground equipment using advanced technologies to allow high quality wideband transmissions. The next step is to go beyond, in order to prepare “very” high throughput satellites systems (V-HTS) allowing a substantial gain in competitiveness for the satellite telecommunication market.

CNES is supporting the introduction of these new systems via its R&D program, taking into account not only satellite and payload technologies but also the ground segment, the hub, the user terminal, and  system engineering including new validation methodologies.

The “very high throughput for all” demonstrator is an example of the co-operation between several leading companies to develop and validate an ultra-efficient  transmission chain compatible with the V-HTS system objectives. The different partners, including the user terminal chipset provider, the modem provider, the integrated test bed provider and the system integrator will briefly present in this workshop their most innovative technologies developed to answer to this new challenge.

Valérie Foix (CNES), Yann Mulero (ELTA), Peter Nayler (STmicroelectronics), Christophe Trolet (Teamcast), Cyrille Blosse (Thales Alenia Space)


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