Special Guest of the Toulouse Space Show 2016 : India
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CNES is gathering the best space startups for the Toulouse Space Show

This year, innovation and disruptive approaches will be among the key topics of the Toulouse Space Show. CNES, the French Space Agency, wants to showcase innovative startups at the very heart of the TSS in a dedicated Startup Village. This initiative provides startups companies with the opportunity to increase their visibility and to pitch in front of Industrial, Institutional Key players and Venture Capitalists.

CNES, with the support of ESA BIC Sud France, Boosters and Starburst, is launching a call for the best Space startups in France, Europe and worldwide.

This call for proposals targets startups companies from three areas:

  • Space technologies
  • Space Infrastructure
  • Space Applications

Starburst has been tasked by CNES for organizing the Startup Village.


pdf Booklet (23-06-2016)
PDF file [600 Ko]





Limerick, Ireland

Hardware communication systems for Radar and satellites. Ultra accurate GNSS antenna

Technologies   |   http://arralis.com


Riga, Latvia

Non destructive control through vibration measurement

Infrastructures   |   http://www.ava-labs.com

teamindusAxiom Research Labs Private Limited

New Dlhi, India

Orbital Transportation,  Lunar Payloads

Infrastructures   |   http://www.teamindus.in

cintoo Cintoo3D

Sophia Antipolis, France

Streaming and visualizing without quality loss high resolution 3D EO data in the cloud

Applications   |   http://www.cintoo3d.com


Tartu, Estonia

Miniaturized high quality monitoring camera system for micro & nanosatellite satellites

Technologies   |   http://www.crystalspace.eu


Milano, Italy

Decommissioning device for satellites to tackle space debris

Infrastructures   |   www.deorbitaldevices.com


Paris, Toulouse, France

Earth^3 constellation’s flexibility offers the possibility to use the most appropriate spectral band for a given application based on the specific signature of the event to monitor and to maximize revisit of a specific area

Infrastructures   |   www.earthcube.xyz


Lausanne, Switzerland

ELSE SA releases Astrocast, a network of 64 nanosatellites providing global M2M services to global businesses at the lowest cost in the industry

Infrastructures   |   www.else.io


Sofia, Bulgaria

EnduroSat designs, builds and space-qualifies the next-generation CubeSat platform for a range of missions from low Earth orbit to Solar System exploration with a main focus on swarm satellite applications

Infrastructures   |   www.endurosat.com


Montpellier, France

The technologies of permanent magnet machines enable us to stretch the current performance limits of electric machines and provide a response to specific needs in the fields of aeronautics, robotics and small wind turbines

Technologies   |   www.erneo.fr


Riga, Latvia

Precise event timing for Time of Flight measurements (satellite and Earth laser ranging, LiDar tasking, 3D Scan…)

Applications   |   www.eventechsite.com

Expert Teleportation

Paris, Bordeaux, France

The COST KILLER REVOLUTION for Airflight On Ground and MRO / Aeronautics Maintenance. Or How to be teleported everywhere in the world in less than 5 minutes?

Technologies   |   www.expert-teleportation.com

Flight Watching

Toulouse, France

New web-based data visualization tool (Wilco) targeting real time telemetry/monitoring using ACARS data sent by aircraft through satellite communication

Applications   |   www.flightwatching.com


Bordeaux, France

Air-Ground communication device to meet the real need of communication in cockpits (using Irridium)

Technologies   |   http://www.flyops.net

FZ Engineering

Montréal, Canada

3D manufacturing

Technologies   |  


Merignac, France

Indoor location with GNSS and Wireless Sensors Networks

Applications   |   www.iidre.com/IIDRE


Merignac, France

Geo-information services for coastal areas monitoring : shoreline and bathymetry, water quality and ecosystem assessment

Applications   |   www.i-sea.fr/en

leafspaceLeaf Space

Milano, Italy

Telecommunications service for microsatellites operators to get data in a fast and simple way using a network of 20 ground stations

Applications   |   www.leafspace.eu


Bidart, France

LEKOOA propose indoor geo-tracking services on smartphone for human resources management

Applications   |   www.lekooa.com

lensLens R&D

Noordwijk, Netherland

Sunsensors for space and terrestrial applications that combine high reliability with low cost

Technologies   |   www.lens-rnd.com

oxford_space_systemsOxford space systems

Oxford, United Kingdom

OSS design, build & supply award-winning deployable structures and antennas for the new space age

Technologies   |   www.oxfordspacesystems.com

pldspacePLD Space

Elche, Spain

Commercial Launch Services. Dedicated to Small Payloads

Infrastructures   |   www.pldspace.com


Toulouse, France

Snapplanet – the Earth Observation social network

Applications   |    http://snapplanet.io

spinintechSpace Products and Innovation

Bremen, Germany

Multipurpose Adapter Generic Interface Connector for connecting any satellite subsystem with main on board computer

Applications   |   www.spinintech.com


Toulouse, France

Solar drone for large area mapping and long duration (sun light + 3 h)

Infrastructures   |   www.sunbirds-uas.com


Paris, France



Lausanne, Switzerland

3D printed antennas for connectivity on the move

Technologies   |   www.swissto12.com

thrustmeThrust me

Paris, France

Breakthrough propulsion for small satellites

Infrastructures   |   http://thrustme.fr


Farnborough, United Kingdom

TISICS operates a pilot facility fabricating monofilament, prototype components and composite material

Technologies   |   www.tisics.co.uk


Paris, France

Better connectivity, Less complexity

Technologies   |  


Orsay, France

Breakdown locator assistance tool

Applications   |   www.win-ms.com

zero2infinityZero 2 Infinity

Barcelona, Spain

Zero 2 Infinity is developing a dedicated nano satellite launcher, Bloostar

Infrastructures   |   http://zero2infinity.space


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