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23 June 2018
Le Catalyseur – Toulouse


SpaceUp France and Open Space Makers, with the support of Cnes organize a new SpaceUp Unconference held in Toulouse France focused on the Federation initiative.

SpaceUp is a space unconference, where participants decide the topics around Space. Everyone who attends SpaceUp is encouraged to give a talk, moderate a panel, or start a discussion.

The Federation initiative  launched by CNES in June 2017, aims at opening space infrastructure to citizens and developing a Space disruption ecosystem able to produce open knowledge and open source space hardware in a collaborative and responsible way.

This unconference contribute to the Toulouse Space Show Off events with the pourpose to celebrate the first year of the Federation initiative.


A free event.

Registration required on www.spaceup.fr

Contact:  contact@spaceup.fr

Space'Ibles Days – Atelier débat

25 June 2018, 18h30 – 21h

La Cantine numérique – 27 rue d’Aubuisson, Toulouse


How far are human ready to go for  the conquest of space?

A main driver of space activities is and remains the human space exploration. From the step of man on the Moon towards a human implantation programme on Mars, cultural imagination, political decision, scientific commitment and technical fulfillment are nourished and stimulated by the possibility of direct access to new worlds. It is essential to take this expectation into account to anticipate, to have the idea of doing and build up the future of space…and put this expectation into question from an ethical perspective.  A way to put this concern into question could be formulated as such : “How far are human ready to go for  the conquest of space? »

A free event

Contact : murielle.lafaye@cnes.fr