He became staff researcher of Italian National Research Council (CNR) in 1985, but since 1982, mainly at the Space Flight Dynamics Laboratory of the Institute of Information Science and Technologies (formerly CNUCE) in Pisa, he was involved in space mission design, analysis and flight support, for instance for the Italian first geostationary satellite (SIRIO), during phase B2 of the European Columbus project, at the German Space Operation Centre (DLR/GSOC), for the IRIS/LAGEOS-2 mission, and during the STS-52 flight of the space shuttle Columbia, at the Johnson Space Center (NASA/JSC). Since 1982 he was also involved in satellite re-entry predictions for the Italian civil protection authorities. However, during the last 30 years there was a growing, and finally nearly full time commitment, to space debris, mainly in the fields of modeling, mitigation and remediation. Among other things, he was a member of the first ESA Space Debris Working Group (1987-1988) and of the ESA Space Debris Advisory Group (1990-1997). In June 2018, he began chair, for a two-year term, of the working group, number 4, devoted by the Inter-Agency Space Debris Coordination Committee (IADC) to mitigation issues and guidelines.