Patrice Benarroche has been involved for 25 years in space operations from launch site operations in Kourou to ATV, the European cargo vehicle to ISS before becoming head of Human Space Flights an Microgravity Missions service in CNES, Toulouse. He graduated in 1990 from French Aerospace Engineering Scholl (ENSAE).

He has spent all his career in operation centers for launchers, earth observation satellites and human space flights. He received the French “Ordre National du Mérite” for his achievements during the 5 ATV missions as leader of the ATV Control Center in Toulouse.

He is currently leading human space flight and microgravity missions for CNES in Toulouse, including CADMOS.


CADMOS was not only the Greek hero who founded Thebes city after killing a malevolent dragon, it is also the acronym for the French Human Space Flight Mission Center (Centre d’Aide au Développement des activités en Micropesanteur et des Opérations Spatiales).

CADMOS mission center started its activities in 1993, participating in all French-Russian cooperation in human spaceflights before continuing during shuttle and ISS era.

Today, CADMOS prepares and operates microgravity experiments with Russia, USA and all over Europe. It covers almost all science topics from human physiology to Matter or Fundamental Science as well as innovative technology demonstrators.

CADMOS developed and operated experiments for the Proxima Mission with Thomas Pesquet.