Jean-Jacques DORDAIN

Former Director General of the European Space Agency ( 2003-2015)

Jean-Jacques Dordain former Director General of the European Space Agency (2003-2015).  He Joined ESA in 1986 and was appointed Head of the newly set-up Department for the Promotions and Utilisation of the International Space Station.  In 1993, he became Associate Director for Strategy Planning and International policy, and then in 1999 he took the position of Director for Strategy and Technical Assessment.  In 2001, he became the Director of Launchers.  Mr. Dordain graduated in engineering from the Ecole Centrale de Paris in 1969, and began his scientific career in 1970 in the field of propulsion and rocket boosters at the French National Office for Aerospace Studies and Research (ONERA). From 1976 to 1983, he was the Coordinator of Space Activities at ONERA until he was appointed Director of Fundamental Physics. During this period he was among the first five French astronaut candidates to be selected by CNES for the ESA Spacelab 1 programme.  Throughout his career, Mr. Dordain has taught in a number of prestigious positions.  He has been awarded meritorious honors by France, Russia, Italy, Germany and the Netherlands. He is currently an advisor of several governments in Europe and UAE.