Nathalie FONT

Digital Officer of Thales Alenia Space

Nathalie FONT is Digital Officer of Thales Alenia Space and leads the digital transformation of the company. After a Master’s degree in Telecommunications Engineering with a specialization in Space Communication Systems from IMT Atlantique (formerly Telecom Bretagne) in 2007, she started her career at Thales Alenia Space working in the Telecommunication Payload department where she worked on innovative and flexible payloads  for commercial and governmental applications and was responsible for payload design and equipment specification. She specifically specialized on digital processor-based and multibeam payloads. In 2013, she joined the telecommunication product line management team where she was in charge of market intelligence. In 2016 she left France to join the Headquarters of Thales group in the United States and joined the Marketing, Strategy and Corporate development team.  She took her new role for Thales Alenia Space in 2017.