Thanh-Long HUYNH

CEO of QuantCube Technology

Thanh-Long HUYNH, CEO of QuantCube Technology, a leading start-up specialized in Artificial Intelligence to predict macro trends and financial forecasts such as real-time economic growth, political elections predictions and geopolitical risks. This Big Data analytics relies on data sources such as Earth Observation satellite data, shipping data, social networks and many other sources …

Thanh-Long has more than 20 years of experience in macroeconomics and financial investments. He started his career in implementing quantitative investment strategies at Société Générale in New York in 1998. Thanh-Long graduated with MS Statistics from ENSAE, MS Financial Mathematics from University of Chicago as a Fulbright scholar, MS Wealth Management from ESCP-Europe. Thanh-Long is passionate about new technology and innovation.

QuantCube Technology has currently a R&D team of 25 people, planning to reach 45-50 people within 12 months since it has raised $5m in May 2018 from top-notch financial institutions.

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