Jean-Luc Issler is engineer from ESEO, Sup’Telecom, and hold a Master-2 in Applied Mathematics from UPS. He joined CNES in 1990. He was responsible for numerous developments of spaceborne RF equipments for big, micro, nano satellites, and big constellations.  He was a main instigator of  many system developments, like the GALILEO navigation signals, accurate GPS attitude determination systems, and the first  european reception at OCA (in Nice) of laser data signal from the NICT optical terminal in LEO orbit. He took key technical roles for the  prototypings of the EGNOS european GNSS overlay and studies of new ground and space based GNSS systems. During 20 years, he was head of 3 CNES services covering radionavigation, telecommunication air interfaces, RF and optical propagation and optical telemetry, TT&C, and some RF payloads. As senior advisor at « Radio Frequency » department, he now is CNES responsible of RF and optical standardization in TeleMetry and TT&C frequencies, modulations, codings and synchronizations. He is also technical responsible of CNES electronic procurement policy, and in charge of participating in early technical dialogues for international cooperations in RF, or in optical transmissions. He represents the RF department for CNES funded PhD and post-doc selections, and advice or manage several technical dossiers. He received the AAAF Astronautic Prize, the EADS Science and Engineering Prize of french Academy of Sciences, the selection in the « 1000 researchers in France speaking about the future », and (with colleagues) the European Inventor Award from EPO. He explores technical interest of QKD.