Head of Climate Office at European Space Agency, ESA

Pascal studied Mathematics and Physics in Paris before moving to Brest where he completed a Diplôme D’Etude Approfondie in Oceanography physics. After working with the Orstom (former name of the IRD) in Mauritania and Senegal for one year, he joined the IFREMER that had just created the CERSAT, the French Processing and Archiving Facility dedicated to Altimetry and Scatterometry. He designed the algorithm to process the ERS scatterometer data and after just over two years joined ESA which was creating the Product Control Service to monitor and improve the quality of the ERS products. Over more than 22 years, Pascal developed a strategy and put it in place for the current Earth Observation Missions, ERS and Envisat. This strategy is being extended to a multi mission environment called SPPA (Sensor Performance, Products and Algorithm) and is described in a strategy document. The quality of this work has been recognised worldwide in particular through the quality of the products delivered by ESA.


In 2005 he joined the CEOS WGCV and extended that strategy at the international level proposing QA4EO, the quality Assurance Framework for Earth Observation which has been endorsed by CEOS and is actively supported by GEO.

Since the beginning of 2010, he is based in the newly created ESA Harwell Center as Head of the ESA Climate Office. In this new position, he is playing an important role in the development of the ESA CCI as programme manager, and at an international level as in various context and in particular within the CEOS.