Christine LEURQUIN

VP, Institutional Relations and Communications, SES S.A.

Christine Leurquin is VP, Institutional Relations and Communications at SES S.A. Positioning the Company at high level within the EU and other European institutions, such as European Union, EEAS, EDA, ITU, ESA, African Union, ACP Secretariat or OECD. She regards policies and regulations, provides political support, and engages in setting-up R&D and institutional projects. She follows the European Institutions’ political issues and debates of interest to her company, especially those concerning defence and security, space, crisis management, development cooperation, satellite broadband and 5G. She is also the key institutional person in the company as regards the GNSS projects such as Galileo and EGNOS. She has 30+ years of experience in the satellite telecommunications field in Europe. She was instrumental in the creation of ESOA, the EMEA Satellite Operators Association in 2002. She holds positions in a variety of trade associations and is today Vice-Chair of the 5GIA, the European 5G Infrastructure Association.