Marketing & Sales Director, ECM Space

Zhanna Medvedeva started her career in the space industry within the structure of Roscosmos (Russia). At the beginning, Zhanna was involved in major international commercial programs between Russia and the countries of the Asian region.  In 2014, Zhanna joined the Launch Division as a Project manager to launch international satellites on a Soyuz rocket. From 2014 to 2018, Zhanna was personally involved into launching over 120 microsatellites and CubeSats for international commercial companies and universities (North America, Europe, Japan) and gained wide and valuable experience on the international launch services market.

In 2018, Zhanna joined ECM LAUNCH SERVICES, a German launch services provider and technical integrator, as a Director of Marketing and Sales. Within the next 12 months the team of ECM plans to launch over 50 international small satellites. 

Zhanna is fluent in English, Chinese and Russian.