Gilles MOURY


Gilles MOURY is diplomed engineer from Ecole Polytechnique and ENSAE (Supaéro). He joined Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales (CNES) in 1985. He was responsible for the development of numerous on board equipments in the field of TM/TC and data handling. He developed also on board data processing algorithms and equipments for earth observation and deep space exploration missions. In 1997, he was awarded with colleagues the Kodak-Pathe-Landucci Prize from the French Academy of Sciences for their innovative contributions in the field of spacecraft on board data compression. From 1998 to 2008, he headed the “On Board Data Handling” office. Since 2001, he is responsible for the TM/TC/LOC domain of the ISO standardization subcommittee on space data systems (CCSDS) and chairing the WG in charge of developing international standards for securing satellite TM/TC links. Since 1987, Gilles Moury lectures on space on board data handling and processing techniques & systems, in various engineering schools but also in continuing education for engineers. He is presently senior advisor, for “On-Board Architecture & Avionics” to the “Spacecraft Architecture, Validation & Integration” department head. He explores technical interest of QKD.