Frédéric ROMBAUT

Partner, Seraphim Capital

Frédéric is a General Partner with Seraphim Capital, the world first venture capital fund dedicated to aerospace technologies, and a seasoned deep technology venture capital investor. He’s invested $14bn in 70 companies, been seating on the board of 40 fast growth companies, made 30 exits and also 40 M&A. As a Managing Director and head of Cisco Investment International, founder of Qualcomm Ventures in Europe, and co-founder of Bouygues Telecom, Frédéric has been at the heart of the internet, wireless, cloud, IoT, and A.I. revolutions, and is a thought leader in VC, M&A, and Corporate innovation on a global basis. Frédéric received his MBA from the Sorbonne University, and holds a Master of Engineering in Electronics (ECE Paris). He lives in London with his French family.