Sophie VOINIS is a journalist & mediator.
She studied in Boston, Emerson college, in the US where she graduated in journalism and Communication in 2001.
She was responsible for the daily newscast on the campus radio and also anchored the news on TV, on a regular basis.
She has been working on TV for the past 20 years, in Boston, USA and in France, Toulouse on the local TV, TLT.
For the past 15 years, she was the main anchor for the daily newscast as well as the health magazine and the weekly space and Aeronautic show.
Her expertise goes from filming, interviewing, editing and anchoring in all journalism fields.
She is also a mediator in various conferences, debates or gala nights both in French and in English.
She lately anchored the national conference on the south west Europe railroad financing project as well as the annual conference for Groupama (1900 people attending).
She was also Master of Ceremony for many Airbus deliveries in English as well as the IFAC World Congress, last July In Toulouse.
She will be hosting the ESOF Ceremony in English, next July in Toulouse (5.000 people attending)