Professor of physics at the University of Toulouse

Peter von Ballmoos is professor of physics at the University of Toulouse. He works at the Institut de Recherche en Astrophysique et Planétologie and has research interests in High-Energy Astrophysics. In the field of Gamma-Ray Astronomy, PvB studies the enigmatic origin of positrons (antimatter-electrons) detected in the central regions of our Galaxy, and the even more puzzling absence of substantial quantities of antimatter-nuclei in the Universe. To make progress in his fields of interest, PvB is actively involved in the development of novel telescopes for satellite and balloon missions (Co–investigator of the European Space Agency’s telescope INTEGRAL/SPI; principal investigator of the CNES balloon project CLAIRE, the “first gamma-ray lens”). In the field of Ultra-High Energy Cosmic Ray Physics, he has recently served as principal investigator of EUSO-BALLOON, a pathfinder for the EUSO mission concept. EUSO will investigate the most energetic particles in the Universe, using the Earth’s atmosphere as a giant detector. Amongst his institutional responsibilities and activities, PvB is Editor-in-Chief of the journal Experimental Astrophysics. At the Université de Toulouse, PvB teaches on undergraduate and graduates levels; he is responsible for the Master Course « Techniques Spatiales et Instrumentation ».